Mobile Games and Applications

Stressed? Emotions all over the place? So are the crazy shapes in this strategy-based matching game. You can relax — no timer here! Plan your attack as you match fun, silly emoticons by tapping neighboring pieces. Earn bonus points and level-up when you reach a target score. Then enjoy a quick break and try some crazy relaxation tips between levels. When no more matches can be made — game over! Send a game challenge to family or friends and keep matching until you feel At Ease!

At Ease features

  • Quirky emoticons that cover a range of feelings
  • Lots of levels with plenty of time to plan your best moves
  • Quick relaxation tips with goofy animations

At Ease helps kids feel normal about the range of emotions they have when a military parent deploys — or anytime. Try it today!

Operation Care Package

Send a care package airmail — cannon airmail! Operation Care Package is a fun, physics-based game where you use a cannon to shoot care packages at challenging obstacles. Earn gold, silver and bronze medals to unlock additional levels. Score too low to level-up? You can play any challenge again without losing points. Game play is easy to learn and can be played by all ages. Connect with family and friends by inviting them to play — or challenge them to beat your score!

Operation Care Package features

  • 30 increasingly difficult levels in 3 different worlds
  • Fun, physics-based obstacles for all ages
  • Game challenges — invite your friends and family to play

Operation Care Package helps kids relax and take their mind off worries about their deployed parent, moving, and other stresses that come from being a military kid. Plus, it's really fun! Test your aim today!

Marhaban! Buenos dias! Annyeonghaseyo! Test your language skills in the memory-matching game, Global Gab. Learn simple words in Arabic, Dari, Korean, Spanish and Tagalog — languages of countries where U.S. military members deploy and live. You will see and hear the words spoken in the language of your choice. Choose your level of play — maybe you'll want to take it easy and match spoken words to shapes. Keep practicing, and you'll be ready to match the tougher, written words. Don't worry, first you learn and practice, then you test your skill and challenge someone to beat your score!

Global Gab features

  • Five languages from around the world
  • Different difficulty levels suitable for all ages
  • A surprise wtih each completed game

Global Gab helps kids feel connected to their deployed parent and learn a little bit about the rest of the world. Try Global Gab today! Hoy! Ngayon!